January 2007

Pencil Art – Interesting Concept

I would never claim to be an “artist” in the most snooty sense of the word, but I do feel like I have a general eye for things that look good.  At times I just have to laugh at what artists, particularly college student artists do to try and “break the mold.”  Most things students try to do end up looking the same as other students, or they are just downright strange and unappealing in a comical sort of way.

I came across this set of photos today of art made with colored pencils.  Again, this is specifically with the pencils, not drawn art.  I found what was created interesting and impressive.  Hopefully you do too.


Photography “How-Tos” courtesy of Digital Grin

SmugMug LogoOne of the photography forums I frequent is Digital Grin (dgrin.com), from the makers of SmugMug. those participating in the forums are at all levels of know-how, but generally speaking they own DSLR cameras, and everyone is trying to be better at their hobby/craft. I fall right in that category, and likely some of you reading do as well.

I highly recommend wading you way through some of the different categories, if nothing else to see some great photos of people looking to get better. There are some real pros there (as in actual professionals as well as people just plain good) and their photos are often a site to behold. Most people have a link in their profile to their online gallery of photos as well, which you can click over too for even more viewing pleasure. If you are looking to become a better photographer, you can often pick up some great tips and ideas from the discussion in each thread.

Some of the regulars and moderators of the forum will compile links to the “best of” threads where people have put together short tutorials on how they have accomplished their photos. Often these are Photoshop how tos, but some times it will be on setting up lighting and other ideas. Here is one such page that SmugMug has hosted of some great info. These techniques are a bit advanced when it comes to using Photoshop, but if you are so inclined, give them a try. I have found that you learn best in the doing, and then you have a new technique available in your “arsenal.”

I happen to know the makers of these sites, and they are “good people.” They live a couple of blocks from my in-laws, so I have had plenty of occasions to visit with them. I have a SmugMug pro account because I like supporting people I know, and those I know to be trying to do good business.

There are lots of photo sharing sites out there, but most have ads, limited features and try hard to sell you back your own photos. SmugMug is designed with the real photographer in mind. You get unlimited storage (that means all the photos you want, even at full size, full control on how your gallery is displayed, password protection and watermark options, and even the ability to set pricing to sell your photos. Quite a set up.

Take a moment to check them out. If you happen to sign up for an account with them, using my coupon code for a discount: MxWSTbxzgrIqg

Real Life Bambi & Thumper

For those that know me, photography is a hobby that I have come to really enjoy, and I try to get better at it whenever I have a chance.  I read photography forums online, plus I am always on the look out for tutorials and examples of great photos.

I am not sure if through all this it makes me a better photographer, or if I just end up feeling like there are a lot of photographers out there much better than I am!  That aside, I love finding great photos that inspire me.  This series called “Real Life Bambi & Thumper is a great example of such photos.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
You’ll likely see a lot of posts like this in the future displaying great photos found around the ‘net.