March 2007

Dedicated Dad Takes a Time Out

Time Out
Time Out

Yesterday my wife and I took our kids to the Discovery Gateway, a fun learning center in Salt Lake City for kids. We get an annual pass to some destination each year, whether it be the zoo or some place like this, and try to use it as much as possible throughout that year. This is the second time I have been with my kids on this year’s outings, but they have been several times without me as well. They have a great time, and they really are learning a lot of things in the process.

I was with my two girls in one section upstairs when I spotted this dad who was checking his eyelids for leaks. His kids were running around him playing at different stations, but try as he could, this dad was losing the battle against the need for sleep. I have to admire him, he was completely wiped out, but here he was with his kids on a Saturday afternoon being a good dad. He eventually got up a few minutes later, hopefully a little rejuvenated and ready to keep playing with the kids. We all need a little time out every once-in-awhile, right?

New Concert Photos

Jammin’ on the Bass

I had the opportunity to photograph a few concerts this last weekend for Donny Osmond in Las Vegas. My wife was able to join me for a wonderful weekend away and was fortunate to get some great photos of the concerts. They should be appearing soon on his site.

This shot was one of my favorites of the night – of his bass player John. Donny has a new band joining him, so I was able to enjoy getting to know these new artists. I don’t have a wallpaper sized version of this posted because these photos will be appearing elsewhere and used under contract. I hope to share a few others here soon though.

I enjoy taking concert photos and hope to get out in the “scene” more soon with some new artists. I’ll be sharing some of my other past ones here as well soon, so stay tuned.

Not Everyone Hates the Paparazzi

Shonah Daley

Smile for the Camera

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to follow Donny Osmond on tour in the UK to create and publish a photo journal book. It was an incredible experience and I hope to share some of the previously unreleased photos online here soon.

Being on tour brings a variety of interesting experiences as part of being on the road, from the castles we were able to get VIP tours of to the personal friendships you develop being in stuck in a tour bus for hours on end with nothing to do but talk to pass the time.

One of the unexpected pleasures of that tour was getting to know and photographing Donny’s opening act for the tour, Shonagh Daly. Shonaugh is one of those musical gems that has been overlooked by the big names on the whole. She was “discovered” by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, which you think would be enough to get the machine rolling in her favor. Her voice is amazing, she is a beautiful woman with stage presence, but her CD sales were not enough for her label to really get behind her and do anything. A sad thing. I have watched online to see if her career has any new developments, but I haven’t seen anything of significance. I did see she has been in some stage performances, which her voice is very well suited for. Hopefully we will see more of her here in the states someday.

Here is a link to a gallery of snapshots I took from that tour. I hope you enjoy them as much as I had taking them! If you do, track down her CD online and get a copy. You’ll be happy you did.




Cats have such difficult lives.  What it would be to fill your entire day with finding good patches of sun to sleep in with the occasional meal on demand.  The life.  Click for wallpaper sized image.

Ominous Morning

Ominous Morning
Ominous Morning

I took this photo last week on my drive to work. I have resolved to get back into my photography hobby more again by keeping my camera with me at all times possible. Most often capturing scenes like this are a combination of first noticing them, but also having your camera at the ready so you can capture it. In only a matter of minutes the entire mood of this scene had changed.

I am planning to share more photos here on WGS as I take ones I feel like the readers would enjoy. Click here to download a wallpaper-sized (1024×768) version of this photo.