Redneck Wheelbarrow

There is some construction happening on our office complex, so we have plenty of machinery (and dust) moving around our area. No biggie, new construction is a part of economic growth. I often take a look out the window to see how things are moving along. Today it was quiet for a bit, and since I knew they have multiple machines working on some excavating, it piqued my curiosity.

Here is the scene I saw:

Redneck Wheelbarrow

For a closer look:

Redneck Wheelbarrow closeup

The worker was digging something out and throwing the dirt into the bucket of his big rig. Pretty expensive cost on that choice dirt mover I’d say. It may go a little faster, say, if you used the power of that machine to actually do the digging. Just a white collar schmo making a guess though, so maybe I just don’t know.

Ok, in fairness he was likely having to do some detail work that the big bucket couldn’t navigate, but I still found it pretty funny.