Screech With the Eagles

Tired out

Tired Out

My son had his first sleepover this weekend. It had to happen someday, there was no way I could put it off forever. Our agreement with him was that he could have a friend over once he turned 8, which happened last month so we had to live up to our end of the bargain. He was very excited, and this weekend it finally happened.

I remember having friends stay over, for no particular reason other than to have fun and do a bunch of crazy kid things. Usually it involves a movie to get us tired which of course really never works. We stay up laughing, talking, playing games, etc. So why was I surprised when my son did the same thing on his first friend overnight event?

We call it a sleepover for a reason, but that reason was obviously lost on my son. We watched a movie with the necessary popcorn and such, and everyone had a great time. We sent them all to bed and headed that way ourselves. About an hour later and a few trips down the hall to shush the festivities, we didn’t hear anything so we assumed they finally succumbed to the need for sleep. Oh were we so wrong.

4:45 am rolls around and I wake up to a loud thump. As I slowly regain consciousness I listen for any more sounds. I hear more thumps and some distant chatter, so I know something is up. I make my way to the end of the hall and see that the light shining through under the door. Yep, the boys are up. I swing open the door to see toys strewn from wall to wall and two boys playing Monopoly on the top bunk, jumping off between turns. They fess up excitedly, and somewhat proudly, to the fact that they have been up all night!

I couldn’t help but laugh a little before getting them to put away the game and finally hit the sack. Come morning they stumbled into the family room only to sack out again on the couch (pictured above). I should have seen it coming, but then that is what makes live interesting, right? They were pretty grouchy most of the day due to lack of sleep, but they had a great time and I am sure will remember this for a long time to come.

Fun memories are what makes life fun. Next time your kid does something so obviously wrong yet really not all that bad, give them a little slack and let them learn the consequences along the way. They will learn more than you warning and making sure they can’t suffer a little. It may lead to a day of bad attitude, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Edit: I forgot to explain my title for this post “Screech with the eagles.” My dad used to always torment me with his favorite saying every time I would stay out late on a Friday night. “If you’re going to hoot with the owls, you have to be ready to screech with the eagles.” It must have been something from his generation, because I have never heard it anywhere else. It’s those kind of things I remember fondly now, even though it was always a thorn in my side as he would drag me out of bed for Saturday chores after a late night out with friends.