Sunsets Beg for a Camera

Another Day is Done

Sunsets are beautiful, yet often hard to photograph in a way that captures as much beauty as you see in person. This is not one of my best, but again one of my first good captures of a sunset. So, of course, there is once again a story associated with it.

With the same Sony F717 I owned several years ago I made my way to a local river end with the idea that I would practice my speed at capturing a photo by trying to catch jumping fish. I had been in this area previously on a zoology field trip in college, so I know there were bugs galore and fish hunkering to get their fill on them. I was not disappointed in the abundance of jumping fish as dusk approached, but I quickly found I was unable to get my shutter clicking and the camera focusing fast enough to catch one mid-air.

As the light grew dimmer, I remained focus on my targets trying to quickly swing my camera when I would see the ripple begin. I was disappointed time and again, and came to the conclusion I didn’t have the right equipment for that kind of photography. Point and shoot cameras, even the nicer ones, are just not known for their ability to quickly take a shot.

Dwelling on my failure to capture even one good image, I looked up from the river to which I was so focused and finally took note of the beauty happening right in front of me. I had been so focused on my task at hand that I had neglected to take in the big picture in my scene. There is some sort of life lesson in there I am sure, but in short by taking a moment to step back and take in my surroundings, I was rewarded with this photo.

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