Colorado Birding

No Photos!

Today I have another couple of photos from my Colorado vacation a couple of years ago. I took my camera with me everywhere to try and catch as many wildlife shots as possible while not taking away from my family time. I love taking photos, but family comes first! Besides, my family wouldn’t let me forget to put them first 🙂

Unfortunately I am terrible at remembering species and identifying birds, so I will have to leave this one nameless. This little one was found when we stopped for lunch on an alpine drive up to incredible altitudes. The scenery was beautiful, and I have plenty of those shots, but I love the close up photos of animals perhaps even more. He was very interested in what we were having for lunch and kept circling through the trees surrounding us.

My family all had a good laugh at watching me circling with my long lens trying to catch him sitting still. He wasn’t very obliging, so it took a little while to catch him. Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to photographing birds, and any animal for that matter.

Here is another shot at a different angle. Which do you think is better?

Catching a Moment

As always, here is a link to both photos in wallpaper size.