Photo: Fascination



My kids loved the trip we took, though they took a little warming up to Sea World. I wouldn’t have predicted it, but the lack of rides was a surprise to them. I guess we had built that aspect of our trip up too much. Nevertheless, after a bit they loved seeing all the different sea creatures, especially those they could touch.

This was my favorite photo of the day incorporating my kids with the animals (aren’t they one and the same?!). The walkway took us under the shark tank and then by some other tanks including these eels. He was fascinated by them. I think I particularly liked this one because he was taking a drink from the Camelback he was wearing, which gives it a pseudo scuba diver appearance. Anyway, hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

And of course, a link to a wallpaper sized version.

Canon 20D, 28-105L, 1/100 at f/4 and 800ISO