Photo: Sea Lion

Sea Lion

On our recent vacation we visited Sea World San Diego, and had a blast. Out of all the theme parks we were visiting, this was the one I was most looking forward to. I enjoy marine life, as I do wildlife in general. Granted, these are animals in captivity, but that still doesn’t keep me from shooting some photos of them. Call it cheating if you must, but they are much easier to capture than those in the wild.

I ended up not taking that many photos as I had promised my wife I would put the camera away more on this trip so we could focus on helping the kids have a great time. I’ll several other over the next couple of days out of what I did capture.

By request, I have started removing the borders from my photos so they make better wallpapers. Also, for the photogs out there I will start including the description of my photo settings and equipment used.

Here is the link for this one. Enjoy!

Canon 20D, 24-105L, 1/200 at f/4 and 100ISO