Even Cowboys Use Canon

Cowboys Shoot Canon

At the recent rodeo I attended, there was an “official” photographer in the arena shooting photos. At the beginning he took shots of the Mutton Busting so parents could purchase them after the show. Not a ad service since he was able to get right in there with the action for nice closeups.Later in the show he came by our section of the arena to distance him from the “big” animals that might not take to kindly to his presence around them. It was then I noticed the trademark Canon Digital camera strap. I had a good laugh over it, and then quickly took this shot.

Later he was out shooting in the field:


As the night grew darker, I started to shoot less and less due to the loss of light. My long lens isn’t in the same class as some of my shorter ones in terms of aperture, so with shutter speeds slowing down the action began to blur. This old feller had it licked though with the biggest on camera flash I think I have ever seen.

Cowboy Flash

Canon 20D, Sigma 50-500mm, Various ISO/Shutter speed