Breathing Fire at the Air Balloon Show

 Baloon Fire

Breathing Fire

This morning my family took in the air balloon show that is part of the Freedom Festival in Provo, Utah.  I have never been up close at one of these shows, and I have to say it is something to enjoy if you have the chance.  To watch these huge contraptions grow from flat material on the ground to taking off is incredible.  My kids loved, and I the kid in me had fun too.  Made the 5:30 am wake up with kids worth it.

The pilots and crew for these balloons were having a great time, and were very gracious to all the spectators and photographers.  While they were filling the balloon with air (prior to the fire) they waved me over and invited me to take a photo up close of the inside.  I took several that I will stitch together (hopefully) as I don’t have a wide enough angle lens to get the whole perspective.

I’ll see what other photos are post-worthy later in the day and try to get some more up over at SmugMug.  Here is a direct link to this photo in a desktop wallpaper size.

Canon 20D, 18-55, 1/125 at f8.0 and 800ISO