Behind the Scenes

 Behind the Scenes

As I mentioned previously, a lot goes on behind the scenes when putting a concert together.  One big part of making a show a success is the rehearsals.  I had the opportunity to visit with the band in London when rehearsing for the upcoming next 3 weeks of touring.

All the gear packed into a small room, the band worked out the logistics, choreography, set list, etc. all before the first show.  It was here that the “In It For Love” move was born.  Yes ladies, this is where that move was created.  I’ll be sure to post a series of photos on that at some later point.

I always enjoy getting some of the odd shots, and this was one from the group.  I have posted a batch of photos (available for download and purchase at cost!) at my SmugMug site.

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Canon 10D, 28-135EF, 1/45 at 6.7 and 800ISO