Bunking Up With Donny Osmond

Bus Bunks

Sorry, I had to do it. I know that title is misleading and a little edgy for some, but it sounded too good not to post it. Hopefully that will catch some attention on the Google News Alerts! πŸ™‚

I know today isn’t a picture of Donny or any of the band, but hopefully you will enjoy the story behind it as I share a little flavor of touring with Donny over the course of this series.

When I have had the opportunity to be on the tour buses, they can be fun and tiring at the same time. There are times when events are back to back, so you leave one show only to travel all night and arrive in a completely different city for another show the next day. Fortunately the accommodations are pretty decent on these buses, albeit tight quarters for everyone to ride in.

When you first get on the tour, you start out getting last “dibs” on a bunk. Obviously the big man on the tour gets first pick, and there is a bit of a pecking order after that. Everyone has their preference of course. Some like the top so no one is banging their feet through the curtain as they get up high. Others prefer the bottom because there is less sway as the bus travels. Me, I sleep like a rock so I really didn’t care.

There was one time, though, when I had a bunk that for whatever reason had a squeak emitting from the trim on the wall of the bunk. Once my mind took note of it, I could not catch any sleep as that thing kept making noise. I tried a variety of things as did the bus driver who realized how annoying it can be when you really need the sleep. Eventually we got something wedged in there that took care of it, but not before a few nights of interrupted sleep.

Not all buses are created equal either. Some tours we had a standard, simple bunk. Most have power outlets, which is nice to recharge your phone as you travel to the next place. The nicer ones have flip down TV/DVD players in each bunk. You’d think that was living the high life, but in reality typically you hang out in the lounge a bit to wind down after a concert and then hit the sack. Sleep is a precious commodity when traveling on tour.

Canon 10D, 28-135EF, .05 at f/4.5 and 400ISO