Extreme Closeup

Extreme Closeup

I have been holding back for some time on posting some of my concert photos. I usually need to get permission on many of them to do most anything, but for a number of reasons I am going to go ahead and get some online. I would like to start discussing and upcoming project with my friend Donny Osmond, so I figure at the same time I can start sharing with his fans some of the photos I have taken.

As many readers here know, I have had the unique opportunity to travel with Donny and take many photos over the last several years on a variety of projects. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences and am very grateful for everything that has been made possible to me. I have also made mention previously of posting some of these old photos for fans as well over on my SmugMug site, which I still plan to do.

With that in mind, today is a shot taken last week in Salt Lake City and his recent concert. Typically I frame my shots to try and grab some color and background lights, but recently some fans asked that I get more “extreme closeups.” They love to see the detail, and frankly even the sweat. I say ewww, but then I do try to get what the fans like!

So here you go, first of many to come. Thanks again to all the great fans that have supported my efforts and become friends over the years as well. Here’s giving back to you.

Canon 20D, 70-200L IS, 1/200 at f/3.2 and 400ISO