Laser Tag Fun

Spencer Laser Tag

I have to say, one of my co-workers has the coolest birthday parties for his kid. This co-worker does read this blog at times, so I guess this could be construed as brown nosing, but I wanted to chat about it, so oh well. Our kids play on the same football team, and for his party the son likes to invite the entire team rather than try and pick out who gets to come and who doesn’t. The party takes place in a big back yard with inflatable toys you would normally see at a carnival. As you would expect, the party is a huge hit. The boys run around for hours, barely stopping for a breath and to shove some pizza in their mouths.

This is the second year of this big event, so for a new twist they brought in laser tag, courtesy of a brother that has all the equipment. As boys are, toy guns that are huge, make noise and actually get your opponent “out” were an instant hit. Of course for me I enjoy roaming the event with my camera taking photos to share with the parents later of all their little hooligans having a great time.

Pictured here is my son posing with his arsenal. Can you tell he had a great time?

Canon 20D, EF-S 17-55, 1/1600 at f/4.0 200 ISO