Always Look For Opportunities


When are you at a point when photography has becomes more than just picking up the camera and taking a snapshot?  When do you break out the camera more than at Christmas and birthdays?  When does taking photos become a hobby instead of just something you feel obligated to do at major occasions?

I can tell you I crossed over that line long ago and have never looked back.  For me the difference between a casual photographer and an enthusiast is when you look for and take opportunities to take photos for the sake of seeing how it turns out.  You take photos for the fun of it instead of when you feel like something has to be recorded.

Of course you still take those necessary photos, but you take them better.  You take many different angles to be sure you have the best possible shot.  You take the standard shot, then you take a more artistic approach to the same shot.

Today’s photo reminded me that I will take any photo that catches my eye, and I try to be ready to take photos when the opportunity presents itself.  You will find a big difference in the number of opportunities you find when you are looking for them versus waiting for them to knock you upside the head.

Canon 40D, EF24-105L, 1/13 at f/4.0 and 800 ISO