November 2007

Capturing Moments, Always Be Ready

 Favorite Grandpa
Favorite Grandpa 

This last weekend I was out taking some family photos, which I tend to do more of this time of the year for obvious reasons.  I enjoy taking family photos, even with those kids that can be tough impossible to capture all looking at the camera and smiling at the same time.  Thank goodness for Photoshop!

I was able to capture a number of good group shots as well as couples and individual portraits of kids as I usually do with each sitting, but what I really enjoy doing is trying to capture the “in between” moments that often take place.  This grandchild loves is grandpa, that was obvious from the moment they got out of the car.  So, between settings he was tossing him up in the air and doing various fun things to keep the kid smiling in the cold weather.  So I jumped in and took a few shots of him tossing the boy, but the one I loved best is above capturing the connection between the two.  It is these moments and pictures I am always most happy about.

So, next time you have an opportunity to photograph groups of people, don’t forget to keep the camera rolling and your eyes open between settings for the more natural photos you may get.

The Handoff

Football Handoff

Last week I had the opportunity to photograph at the 4A high school state football championship game between Timpview and Pineview. What a game. Timpview crushed their opponent, but it was a heck of a game to watch. I thoroughly enjoy sports photography and the challenge it presents. There is everything from anticipating plays and picking the best angles to dealing with challenging light and shadows that change throughout the game.

Today’s shot is one of many I was particularly happy with from the game. I was hired by some of the parents to catch shots of their boys in action that you simply cannot get with a point-and-shoot camera from the stands.

Canon 40D, Sigma 50-500, 313mm at 1/3200 f/5.6 and ISO 400