Learning From Others

SLC Temple Christmas

No matter how much you know, or think you know, about photography, there are always others out there that can astound you. I have been entirely self-taught in my hobby/craft along the way, experimenting and correcting as I learn new things. I enjoy the challenge, and periodically I feel like I can capture something special. This is what I love about digital photography, anyone can do what I do if they are willing to put some time and effort into it.

With some additional learning in mind, last night I joined a group of photographers in Salt Lake City for a “photo walk.” This is nothing more than an excuse for people with a similar hobby to get together and have some fun trying to capture some great photos. With the weather and not knowing people all that well, I do wish I had spent a bit more time getting to know some of the individuals that were there, but I am sure that will happen over time.

What has struck me the next day is the quality of images being shared online from this group. I thought I ended up with a few shots I was pretty happy with, but when I look at what some others produced I have seen already I realize how much I can really learn from these people. Everything from composition to the post production they have done to enhance their images. I am truly impressed and hope I can contribute as much as I hope to obtain.

You can see a few of my other images from this day at my new flickr account or the complete set over at gogetphotos.com.