First Pansey Opening

Though Spring is well in bloom in some areas of the country, it is just beginning here after a long cold winter.  I am happy to ring in the new season with my new 100mm macro lens that came in the mail today.  I immediately shot a few photos around the house, including this just opening pansy in my wife’s flower pots on the front porch.  It was already getting dark, and rather than break out the flash I stuck the camera on a tripod and a trigger release and did an extended exposure.  I wanted to try out the full DOF of this lens in macro, so this is set clear at f/32.

This is my first flower shot with my new lens.  I have been coveting this lens for some time now and am excited to start taking more macro shots.  I have a lot to learn in composing good macro shots, but I am excited for the challenge!

Canon 40D, 100mm macro, 8 sec at f/32 and 100 ISO
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