April 2008

Abstract Kinda Day

Abstract Kinda Day

Today is feeling like an abstract kinda day; so, I thought I’d just shoot whatever was sitting around that struck me and make it feel kinda abstract.

I made a comment game out of it on Flickr to see who could guess.  About 10 comments in calanan won bragging rights with the first correct guess – scent sticks.  Oil bottle with the sticks in it to wick the oil out into the air.  This is near the bottom and obviously the edge of the bottle.

Canon 40D, EF 100mm, 2.5sec at f/11 and 100 ISO

We Be Jammin’

We Be Jammin’

Back to posting some concert shots for a bit.  I’ve got to get my head into the upcoming tour project!

John Menzano is a great musician and performer.  I’ve enjoyed seeing him perform lately with Donny Osmond, though I know he plays with a wide number of acts.  I believe he is on the upcoming tour I will be on, so I hope to catch some good shots of him on and off stage!

Canon 20D, 24-105L, 1/80 at f/4 and 800 ISO

Opening Up To You

Opening Up To You

Canon 40D, 24-105L, 1/2000 at f/4 and 100 ISO

I’m Watching You

I’m Watching You

As my wife and I were taking a Sunday morning stroll through a nearby park on our recent vacation, I spotted a gaggle of geese that included a small family of goslings. I slowly worked my around to an angle that worked with the bright sun and put on my 70-200 so I wouldn’t have to get so close as to disturb them. This little guy was keeping a wary eye on me though while he rested.

Taken at the Shoreline Park in Mountain View, California.

Canon 40D, 70-200L 2.8, 1/320 at f/8 and 100 ISO
Please view large on flickr to see the detail in the hair.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing

I am happy to report that my replacement 100mm macro lens arrived yesterday, so of course I had to wander the yard (and a few neighbors’ yards) to try it out. I took a few flowers, but I had been wanting to get some detail shots of a dandelion in seed as I had seen some good ones on Flickr recently.

Yesterday has a freak set of snow flurries followed by sun, so there was plenty of flowers covered in water and reacting to the precipitation and cold. I have to admit, though, that I helped this one along a bit with a spray bottle. Is that cheating? I don’t think so; but you can decide for yourself.

Canon 40D, 100mm 2.8 macro, 1/50 at f/8 and 640 ISO
see it larger on flickr for more detail

Fellow Photogeeks

Nikon Cafe Member

One of the things I most enjoy about Photowalks is getting together with other people that share an enjoyment of photography, photogeeks I like to call them.  Though we may often venture out on our own for some dedicated shooting time, there is a fair amount of interaction and learning together.  This last outing, being at Thanksgiving Point during the Tulip Festival, there were plenty of other photo enthusiasts there.  As is typical and in the spirit of Photowalking Utah, several joined right in with us and others chatted along the way as we all looked for our shots.

One of those groups was called “Nikon Cafe,” and since we tend to be camera/brand agnostic in our group, I won’t hold it against them.  I took photos of a few of them, and enjoyed this fun expression captured here.

Canon 40D, 24-107L, 1/40 at f/8 and 100 ISO
see the series on flickr

Spring Tulips Budding

Budding from a higher angle

When I first started taking some flower photos, I had it in my mind I needed to wait for them to be fully open to capture a worthwhile image.  That view has definitely change!  Though you tend to get more splendor in colors with a full flower, I find I really like the budding flower for its feeling of growth and rebirth.

Canon 40D, 24-105L, 1/500 at f/4 and 250 ISO
see it larger on flickr

The Other Side

This girl was having her photo taken by her brother.  I took this photo and then asked if I could snap a few others.  She was very happy to oblige.  I’d really like to get back in to doing a bit more outdoor portrait work as I enjoy capturing the poses and expressions.  I need more locations to work with though that are in my nearby vicinity that I can quickly run to for a shoot.  Any recommendations in the Utah Valley area for (free) locations would be greatly appreciated.

Canon 40D, 24-105L, 1/500 at f/4 and 250 ISO, processed in Adobe Lightroom
see it larger on flickr

Photowalking Thanksgiving Point Gardens

Hyacinth & Pansies

The Photowalking Utah group was out again this weekend, this time visiting the Thanksgiving Point gardens in search of some flowers and whatever else we can find. Prior to the event there was some concern expressed about the cold weather causing the flowers to be late in blooming, but the group went anyway knowing that flowers were only one of the reasons for visiting. Sure, great macros were in order, but half of the fun is the challenge of finding unique subjects to capture regardless of the conditions.

5 image panoramic, a must to view larger

Speaking of weather conditions, it was most definitely much different than expected. Not only was it windy, but the wind had kicked up some serious dust engulfing the entire valley. Complain? Never! In reality the dust took away many of the harsh shadows, though the wind made some of the flowers difficult to catch immobile.

All in all another very enjoyable photowalk. My wife came along this time, though after a brief introduction to the photo geeks she walked around on her own while I took my time at various scenes. Not sure why I chose the direction I did with my wandering but I ended up going the opposite direction than the group, only meeting up with Ann at these falls near the end. I would like to do a better hanging in with the group or parts of the group to be a part of their search and ideas. Thanks Ann for letting me play with some of your lens filters, and I’m glad the camera and lens came through unscathed from the fall (wind blown over tripod)

As I Gaze Into Your Eyes

This particular flower, the Stargazer Lilly, always holds special attention for me because it is my sweethearts favorite flower.  Not only is it a beautiful flower, but the fragrance is incredible.

This particular flower sits in the gardens just across the street from the SF Museum of Modern Art.

Canon 40D, 24-105L, 1/400 at f/8 and 100 ISO
see it larger on flickr