Fellow Photogeeks

Nikon Cafe Member

One of the things I most enjoy about Photowalks is getting together with other people that share an enjoyment of photography, photogeeks I like to call them.  Though we may often venture out on our own for some dedicated shooting time, there is a fair amount of interaction and learning together.  This last outing, being at Thanksgiving Point during the Tulip Festival, there were plenty of other photo enthusiasts there.  As is typical and in the spirit of Photowalking Utah, several joined right in with us and others chatted along the way as we all looked for our shots.

One of those groups was called “Nikon Cafe,” and since we tend to be camera/brand agnostic in our group, I won’t hold it against them.  I took photos of a few of them, and enjoyed this fun expression captured here.

Canon 40D, 24-107L, 1/40 at f/8 and 100 ISO
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