Photowalking Thanksgiving Point Gardens

Hyacinth & Pansies

The Photowalking Utah group was out again this weekend, this time visiting the Thanksgiving Point gardens in search of some flowers and whatever else we can find. Prior to the event there was some concern expressed about the cold weather causing the flowers to be late in blooming, but the group went anyway knowing that flowers were only one of the reasons for visiting. Sure, great macros were in order, but half of the fun is the challenge of finding unique subjects to capture regardless of the conditions.

5 image panoramic, a must to view larger

Speaking of weather conditions, it was most definitely much different than expected. Not only was it windy, but the wind had kicked up some serious dust engulfing the entire valley. Complain? Never! In reality the dust took away many of the harsh shadows, though the wind made some of the flowers difficult to catch immobile.

All in all another very enjoyable photowalk. My wife came along this time, though after a brief introduction to the photo geeks she walked around on her own while I took my time at various scenes. Not sure why I chose the direction I did with my wandering but I ended up going the opposite direction than the group, only meeting up with Ann at these falls near the end. I would like to do a better hanging in with the group or parts of the group to be a part of their search and ideas. Thanks Ann for letting me play with some of your lens filters, and I’m glad the camera and lens came through unscathed from the fall (wind blown over tripod)