April 2008

Living on the Edge

On my way up to San Francisco via Caltran I watched this guy at the station. He cruised right up to the edge of the platform, lit up a cig and sat down. He struck me as someone exploring his boundaries in all aspects of life, looking for the edge in everything.

Or maybe he just wanted a better view 🙂

Canon 40D, 24-105L, 1/400 at f/4 and 100 ISO
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Everything’s Coming Up Roses

This morning I spent a wonderful morning walking through Shoreline Park with my bride of 14 years. I say my bride specifically in this occasion because this is where we had our wedding reception.

I found many beautiful flowers to photograph, but none as lovely as my wonderful wife.

Caption Gypsy Soundtrack

Canon 40D, 24-105L, 1/2000 at f/4 and 100 ISO
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Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose

Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose
Loveliness extreme.
Extra gaiters,
Loveliness extreme.
Sweetest ice-cream.
Pages ages page ages page ages.

Sacred Emily by Gertrude Stein (1913)
an interesting read on the this at Wikipedia

Canon 40D, 24-105L, 1/40 at f/4 and 1250 ISO
Please view large to appreciate the detail

Guest Article over at LeggNet

Here is another crop of the photo featured yesterday from Kattie’s eye series. I am always amazed at the detail that current dSLR cameras and quality lenses are able to capture. There really is something to be said for investing in quality glass. This 24-105 lens does a superb job in nearly every lighting situation I throw at it, from concerts to portraits, landscape to streetwalking.

I posted another more processed photo today on flickr that I talk more about on a guest blog post for LeggNet.com. Be sure to head on over and see what I made and how I got there. 🙂

Thanks to Rich for his appreciation of that photo and the invite to provide a write up for his popular blog. Rich is very successful stock photographer who features his work through iStockPhoto.com. It’s always an extra compliment to receive kudos from those of his caliber.

Canon 40D, 24-105L, 1/100 at f/10 and 100 ISO
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Kat Eyes

My co-workers are generally good sports for standing in as models when I want to try out something.  Katie let me take a variety of "eye" photos today, which I am going to process and post a few of them over the next few days.  This processing is what came to mind when I starting playing with this photo.

Canon 40D, 24-105L, 1/100 at f/10 and 100 ISO

Bee on Flower

Sadly I had to send my macro lens back for exchange today. After many tests I have determined it was out of calibration. I was getting some things in focus, but always a bit different focus than I was really intending.

This shot I share today is from last year with a 24-105, non-macro lens. Hand held in lower lighting, but it still turned out ok. I am quickly finding that in macro work there are several things to consider to make a shot different from just a snapshot feel. I don’t think I have it mastered, but I am enjoying the processing of trying to figure it out. From my current view point, it is lighting, angle, depth of field, crop and of course subject.

Canon 40D, 24-105L, 1/1250 at f/4 and 400 ISO
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In the Spotlight

I know I tend to get a lot of shots with the spotlight isolating the artist, but to me these are some of the most interesting.  Photography is all about capturing light, and the concert atmosphere, with the smoke flowing to be illuminated by the spotlight beam, is the perfect situation to see the shape of light.  Oh, and for those interested, Donny’s in there too 🙂

Canon 20D, 28-135IS, 1/60 at f/4 and 400 ISO
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What Did You Say?

Donny’s concerts are a bit more intimate with the audience than most. He’s not afraid to interact with the audience. With that interaction you open the doors to all kinds of possibilities, good and bad. Obviously someone said something that hit the funny bone here.

Canon 20D, 70-200L IS, 1/125 at f/2.8 and 400ISO
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Budding Flowers

Full flowers are starting to show, but I still found these Hyacinth flower buds particularly interesting.  I hope you do to 🙂

Canon 40D, 100mm 2.8, 1/50 at f/10 and 500 ISO

This Is The Moment

Honestly, I do have photos of Donny in other spotlight colors than blue 🙂  I have been going back through some old archives and looking for some keepers.  I guess the blue has been striking me lately.

This is during the performance of the song This Is The Moment in which Donny hits a very long, strong note at the end, which I have some good shots of that I will likely post later.  I liked this emotional moment in the song just before that happens though.

Getting good expressions on singers like Donny can often be difficult.  What looks good in motion does not always look good when caught in a single still frame 🙂

Canon 20D, 28-135IS, 1/60 at f/3.5 and 400 ISO