Belfast Locks at Night


After a bit of a rough day, I figured the best medicine would be to walk the town at night in search of some good photos.  This was taken on the walkway across the river 2 blocks from the hotel.

It was such a beautiful scene that I spent over an hour just looking at it from various angles and enjoying the crisp night air.  Very rejuvenating for me.

I feel so blessed with this great opportunity to be out on this tour and try to make the best of every minute.  So, though there will be days, the next day is a new one and up to me to make the best of it.

Today is a full day of rehearsals in Belfast with the full stage, lighting, choreography and music being put to the final test.  Tomorrow is the first big show.  I have to say the difference in the scale of this tour is amazing.  For those able to attend, every aspect of the performance is bigger and better than you may even expect.  Prepare for a great experience!

Canon 40D, Sigma 10-22, 20sec at f/10 and 100 ISO
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