Children’s Miracle Network

Day 2 was busy with some publicity for CMN and an appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show. For those stateside and unaware (like I was) Jonathan Ross is a weekly show similar to the Tonight Show. Both events were a lot of fun and the Osmonds showed how the are the seasoned professionals. Everyone from the photographer shown here to the makeup and producers at the show all comment that the Osmonds need little direction or coaching; they know just what to do.

The photographer shown here was a nice chap that was gracious when I asked if I could snap a few over his shoulder. Typically I have found that most don’t mind as long as you are not creating competition for him. I made sure not to take any photos that would have intruded on his final product, but instead focused on the overall scene of what was taking place. As the Osmonds were taken through the facility to various photo set ups, they always took time to shake hands, pose for snapshots and sign a few autographs for the employees working there. Truly this is the attitude and graciousness that has kept this family adored by fans for 50 years.

As you can imagine, I am sharing only a pic or two here and there from hundreds I have already taken, even before the actual concerts are underway. I am anxiously waiting for the access to make these updates on both and the Osmonds 50th sites. Once I get that you will be able to see a bit more than what I can share here and via flickr (permissions-wise). But, until that access comes through, I’ll keep the sneak peaks coming here 🙂

Also I am trying to get the final logistics and approval worked out for a presale of the book I am creating from this tour. I am excited to be creating this, and I hope those fans planning to purchase it are as well. I spoke with Donny last night and we are just working out a release date/time along with some promotional details for the first XX number that purchase, so stay tuned! An announcement will be coming from and likely other places with details.