Newcastle Walkabout

Gateshead Millennium Bridge at Night

Yesterday was a travel day from Glasgow to Newcastle, and after arriving we had some time to ourselves. I had some work to catch up on, so the hotel room was my first destination. I was happy to find that we have free Internet access in this hotel, so I quickly used my VoIP soft phone to call my kids before they headed out for the day. What a great way to lift my spirits!

After getting some necessary tasks done, I headed out with camera in hand (of course) to see some local sights. Call it a solo photowalk. On this trip I have rarely been walking more than a mile from our hotels because there has been so much to see within that small radius. The bridges alone on the channel right outside our hotel are amazing!

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

This walking bridge is such a beautiful work of architectural art that I found myself trying different angles and lenses to capture it in the best fashion possible.  I am not sure if I got it right, but I was fairly happy wiht the results.

I continued up the waterway and then cut right up a side street towards a church I could see up on the hill.  I photographed along the way with varying results.  I never cease to be amazed by the look of old stone work, even when it is just a set of steep stairs.

All Saints Church

I kept shifting between lenses, but found with the close quarters the Sigma 10-22 wide angle came very much in handy for capturing entire buildings and scenes.  There is some distortion, and I know I could adjust some of that in Photoshop; but truthfully I like it.

I came back to watch the Manchester vs Chelsea game, which I enjoyed thoroughly.  I caught most of it in my hotel room until I learned the band and crew were watching in a lounge in the hotel.  I joined them for the latter and most exciting part of the game.  Overtime penalty shots for the Manchester win.  Quite the drama.

There is a full day ahead of me, including selecting and posting some photos from the recent Osmond photos to update on their site.