Walking Downtown Manchester


Yesterday I had a couple of hours between catching up on sleep and some work and before getting to the venue for the show.  When these windows of time open up, I try to take in whatever sights I can on some solo photowalking within a reasonable distance of my hotel.  I say reasonable because I am afraid to get too adventurous and end up lost and out of time to get back!

Manchester was so interesting for me, both the architecture and the people.  I immediately noticed the diversity of people,  ethnic and expressive styles.  For me this is a goldmine of street photographic opportunity.  Making my way a mile or so down through what seemed to be a town square and through to the Manchester wheel I observed so many great scenes and people.

On the way back a street preacher was in full form, preaching to noone in particular and full volume hoping to find people to share his beliefs with.  While I observed a bit from a distance, this one youth decided it was time to engage and debate.

Conflict Begins

Once the discussion grew, a started to assemble.  Likely hoping to view things escalate to a spectacle, things seemed to stay at just an exchange of views at a verbal level.  I stayed on for a bit until people started to take notice of me shooting photos.  I took my leave to avoid becoming part of the situation.

Further up the square was a street musician that had been setting up while I was heading through before.  On my way back he was in full concert mode and putting on quite a show.

Street Musician

This guy in particular was fun to watch.  He had the full set of amps running off of a generator to put a serious show.  I was surprised he could set up with such a rig, but honestly I am happy that a city allows this kind of situation to allow impromptu entertainment to happen.  He attracted a crowd and was pulling in some good donations to the hat.

I was able to pull in a fairly wide set of photos from the walk that I will eventually go back and develop as time allows.  This is a behind the scenes enjoyment for me on this tour.  Really, how many people get such a great opportunity to be on a trip like this.  I consider myself fortunate.