Wembley Video

Wembley Concert Video

Good morning everyone. Recovering after a late night and an incredible concert at Wembley Arena. That placed rocked! Seriously, all the Osmonds were excited for an amazing experience back and Wembley and they put on a great show.

I was tasked with videoing the concert for the PPV release on Donny.com, so this was a whole new night for me. The video turned out well (I think) and will be different than what a lot of people might expect. Rather than sitting on a tripod in the back of the theater the entire show, I decided to take the camera all around the venue and get a much more personal view of things. At times this made for some shaky video as I bumped my way through the crowd and ran to new locations, but hopefully everyone will enjoy the intimate view they get of the show. Watch for the end where I get right up on the stage with the Osmonds!

I am editing the video now to match up the audio taken directly from the concert mixing board (rather than what my camera picks up) for the best quality sound.