Back in the USA

Cloudy Morning
Cloudy Morning

Finally back in the US again, I have been taking a breather for a few days from photos and blogging. This morning I figured it was time to get back into things, so snapped this shot on the way to work.

We’ve been having a very unusual spring, with plenty of swings between warm weather and back to periodic snow showers. It’s no surprise then that we had a very April-like wet few days since I have been back. I love seeing the clouds in the sky though, providing some fun, dramatic views.

I’ll be sorting through my photos from the trip and posting some of the “keepers” I find as I collect those I will use for the book. Thanks to all my flickr friends that visited while I was away, and I look forward to getting back into your streams now that I have time and a decent internet connection again.

Canon 40D, Sigma 10-22, 1/125 at f/8 and 100 ISO
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