The “Squirrel Guy” in Kensington Gardens

Hey! Gimme That!

I had a couple of hours before my next responsibility on a day in London, so I wandered out from our hotel which was right next to Kensington Gardens. I enjoyed many different sites, and along my way happened upon this older gentleman feeding the squirrels.

Not only was he feeding them, but he was having conversations with them. Each squirrel had a name and they obviously knew him well. There were 12-15 different squirrels by my count in the few minutes I observed and took a few photos. The man was completely comfortable with being photographed as I was not the only one with camera in hand. I probably took many more than most others though πŸ™‚

Check out the more of the series I uploaded (click a thumbnail to view larger on flickr) to get a feel for the fun I had observing this fellow.

The Squirrel Guy in Kensington Gardens The Squirrel Guy in Kensington Gardens What Do YOU Want?! The Squirrel Guy in Kensington Gardens Sitting on the Feet that Feed You

Canon 40D, 24-105L, various settings (see flickr)