Participating in a Photo Challenge

Taking Flight
Taking Flight

This month I am participating in my first “Photo Challenge” sponsored/directed by Trevor Carpenter’s Photochallenge.orgThis month’s challenge is lighting fixtures, and is proving to be a fun one to start with. It is a challenge each day not only to remember, but to try and find something different and creatively interesting to post and share with the group that is participating.

What I like about this challenge idea is there is a level of public accountability, which gives me a reason to get a photo taken and posted each day of the challenge, even if it is late at night when I finally remember. I will say I am starting to run low on options in my house though and need to remember a little earlier in the day. That said, part of the challenge is to capture the light being emitted, and not just the fixture itself, so there is an inherent need to do this when the ambient light is a bit dimmer.

Though it may seem a bit dim (pun intended) to be looking to take and post a picture each day of something so simple as a lighting fixture, therein lies the challenge. Think different and be on the look out for ideas with a creative eye. Already I find myself being on the lookout throughout the day for future opportunities. That is what this challenge is all about; driving me to be better at something I enjoy.

Canon 40D, 24-105L, 2 exposures at 1/20 and 1/80 at f/4 and 100 ISO
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