Daddy’s Little Princess

Daddys Little Princess

Daddy's Little Princess

Starting off this week of “child” themed portraits, my goal is to capture kids in ways that express their personality. My baby girl is full of energy and always looking to smile and have fun. Just out of her evening shower she was happy and bouncing around (doing the “naked dance” that all parents are familiar with). We wrapped the towel around her and told her to smile for a picture. She’s a natural.

I am enjoying my continued participation in the September Portrait Challenge this month.  I missed a couple of days last week, but overall I am getting in my daily efforts.  This month is particularly challenging for me because it involves getting people for the shots.  This week should be an easier one for me as I have kids all around me, both in my home and neighborhood.  Getting more than “just” a shot of a kid though is my personal challenge to take this week a step further.

Natural lighting and only minimally adjusted in Lightroom. Love that 50mm 1.4 lens for natural light.

Canon 40D, 50mm 1.4, 1/400 at f/1.4 and 400 ISO
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