It’s That Family Portrait Time of Year

Its That Family Portrait Time of Year

It's That Family Portrait Time of Year

With fall colors all abound, it is that time of year, isn’t it? Family portraits beckon as we start to think of what we will put in our holiday cards to friends and family.

I find that I end up overusing my new favorite spot each year. Once I take a set of portraits in a given spot, all the new families that request a portrait sitting end up wanting to use the same spot after having seen the previous shots 🙂 That’s ok, the spot is unique to them that year, right?

Whenever I shoot an entire family I typically do the kids as a group and individually as well. Those are the ones the parents end up printing more of anyway. These two are the kids of some neighbors I took photos of last night.

Strobist info: Using my current favorite of 2 580EXii speed lights on stands with Alzo softboxes fired with Pocket Wizards. Located camera left up high pointed down and close camera right at subject eye level. They work so well for simple location lighting.