A Mother’s Love

A Mothers Love

A Mother's Love

This last week I have had a number of studio shoots (in my basement). This is not the norm for me as I normally shoot outdoor locations by preference. But, I set up the strobes & backdrop, so I figure I should get as much out of it as I can before I take it back down. The joys of a basement “studio.”

This shot is one of my favorites from the recent sessions, of Autumn and her daughter London. London is only a month old, and therefore was having a tough time keeping interested in posing for the camera. Autumn was holding her and letting her have the “binkie” for a bit to sooth London and hopefully get a few more minutes of camera time.

These are some of the moments I wait for, the candid interactions between a mother and baby. When you ask for a pose, you tend to get something that looks just like that, a contrived pose. When they do what comes naturally, a mother’s love shows through.

3 Delicacy 180 strobes, 1 shoot through umbrella camera left, one soft box above camera, 1 with grid on boom as hair light.