Mini-Photowalk @ Lehi Roller Mills

Lehi Mini-Photowalk Group (sans me)

Lehi Mini-Photowalk Group (sans me)

Kim Guanzon and I were lamenting last week about the lack of social media meet ups (tweetups) happening in Utah County versus those happening up in the Salt Lake area.  So Kim got the ball rolling and with a little last minute announcement on the Photowalking Utah flickr discussions turning this into an ad hoc mini-walk, we assembled this motley crew you see above (sans me because I was taking the photo & didn’t have a tripod with me).

We gathered at the Lehi Roller Mills (a la Footloose) and did some portrait shooting of each other.  We had originally intended to just walk around the city from there but quickly realized any other locations were a bit far of a walk for our short mini-walk time frame.

As we finished up some staff of the Roller Mills came out to see what we were up to.  It was really quite humorous to us, though there were pretty serious in being prepared for trouble.  They came in a posse of 6-7 guys including one – I kid you not – tapping a large flashlight against his hand.  They even said the oh so overused “I’m gonna need your film then” which I couldn’t help but laugh and say “Sorry, no film here guys.”  The whole situation was quickly diffused by Rich Legg as he showed them photos on the back of the camera we were creating.  Why is it everyone always assume that a bunch of guys with cameras equates to trouble?  I admit we are pretty shady looking group though.

We headed out of some lunch afterward wrapping up what was a great break from the daily routine at work.  Thanks guys!

You can see photos from this day taken by:

It was a lot of fun, and I look forward to organizing some of these in the future.  No fancy or involved set up, just pick a place and time, then see who can come via Twitter, Facebook and Flickr discussion groups.  If you want to get together in your area of have an idea for a mini-walk, go for it!