Snapshots Are Pictures Too

This last weekend we traveled to Idaho Falls to have a funeral for my mom.  It is always an emotional time to lose a family member, especially a parent.  That said, we had a wonderful weekend visiting with family, which is something my mom always loved for us to do.

She was buried in the Ammon, ID cemetery next to her parents.  We took a few minutes to visit the Idaho Falls and of course snap a few photos.

This is one of the “snapshot” photos I took.  I always smile when I realize I am taking the typical touristy snapshot, yet we have to take them, right?  I do try to wander around and find different ways to capture the same scene different than the next photographer, but I do try to get the”typical” shot as well.

I’ve been neglecting blogging, posting and even photography for a bit.  Frankly I was burnt out.  That happens every so often though, and I find a little time off can be a good thing.  I really am trying to work up the motivation to launch a more focused photography blog and likely shutter this one.  I’ll keep up the old posts though either here or on the new site.

On another note, my sister-in-law wrote up a nice tribute to my mom over on her site.