Do You Mind?

I originally titled this “Do You Mind” but I liked Jeff McGrath’s reference in a Flickr comment to Finding Nemo with the “Mine, mine, mine” reference.

Friday morning on our vacation in California, I spent part of the morning at the Huntington Beach Pier capturing photos of surfers. It was fun to get out early and watch the process and tried to get some good action photos.  I have some of those to post later.

While waiting for a new set of waves I looked up the pier and noticed this gull further up the pier getting a drink from the fish cleaning station. Since I had my Sigma 50-500 on board, I was able to swing the camera around and frame this close up shot from a distance. I liked the personality he seemed to be conveying.

Of note, this lens is not all that fast at f/6.3 at full zoom, but with that 500mm at work it does compress the image into a nice shallow DOF.