Hobo Spider, A Tub Story

So if you have followed my photo stream at all, you might say I’m an opportunist when it comes to macro photography. This is especially true of insect photography.  I don’t spend time seeking them out, but when they come to me, I jump on the chance.

This last week a rather large spider got itself caught in our tub. My lovely wife called me in to take care of it, but was less than enthused when I said I wanted to keep it in there to take a photo.  He was rather spry, and I figured I’d let him simmer down so he’d hold still for a photo. I thought the white porcelain of the tub would make for a great white background and reflect a single strobe light well.

A week later I finally got around to taking the photos a week later. I know, terrible husband; even more tolerant wife!

Anyway, I shot several angles but liked this one best.  He was still pretty spry, so the scene was a fun one with me jumping around the tub chasing him while he chased me.  To add to the fun scene, my brother is holding the speedlight off to the site, our kids are pushing themselves around us to get a better view, and our wives are back across the room talking about how nuts the whole thing is. Good times!

Here’s a close crop of another shot in the series:

So lesson is, if you ever find a spider you want a good setting, the tub works pretty well 🙂

Canon 100mm macro lens on a 5D Mark II, hand held with strobe tethered off camera right. Click through to see the full size image for some fun details in the hair and eyes.