Let Us Not Forget

Today has been for me one of reflection and somber thought, as I am sure it has been for many.  I am not one to do much publicly in remembrance of such tragedies, but I remembered my a short outing I took to see “Ground Zero” when I was on a trip to New York. I looked through the photos and thought I would share this today.

I was on a business trip with a fairly tight schedule, so I was only able to take a few hours to jump on the subway and make the visit.  I had brought my camera but really ended up taking very few photos, instead spending much of my time looking and thinking, imagining, wondering…

I don’t think this image needs much explanation as many were aware of how this cross came to be and was left for much of the clean up.

You may notice a slight darkening of in the photo in a grid pattern because I was shooting through the chain link fence.