Family Hike to Stuart Falls

Scenic View from Stuart Falls

Last weekend I was able to get out with my family on an afternoon hike in the nearby mountains. Just above Sundance there is a very accessible hike to Stuart Falls. My wife has been wanting to get the family up for an outing for some time, and this time of year seemed the perfect time to see the falls colors. As the photo above shows, the vistas did not disappoint!

Those who know me well know that I love the outdoors, and grew up hiking the mountains of the Northwest. Unfortunately my prematurely old knees (from sports injuries) preclude me from doing any serious hiking any more. This 4 mile round trip hike was doable, though I am still paying a little bit of the price in soreness, it was well worth it.

Our kids loved the outing and are eager to repeat the trip again.

Here are a couple additional photos from my trip up Alpine Loop for some family photography

Looking Into the Sun
Falling Colors

And a large panoramic view (click through to get a much larger version – free for personal use)

Alpine Loop Summit