January 2010

The New Guy

My son got a new fish for his tank yesterday. The other fish has lived out their life span some time ago, so he was eager to get something new. New pets seem to be something that I rarely get consulted about, I tend to find out when I get home from work. 🙂

I broke out the macro lens & tried to shoot through the glass so we could show the extended family the “new guy.”

Texas Chile

PhotoChallenge.org announced their first monthly challenge of 2010 for February, called “It Ate This.

Though I have no background in food photography, I have been trying my hand at it a bit lately with some of my wife’s recipes. You see, my wife and I have a wonderful relationships – she’s a great cook and I love to eat. One of the many great things about our marriage 😉

My wife regularly shares her recipes with family & friends, but recently decided to start compiling her “best of” recipes for a self-published book to share with those same family & friends. After she captured her first recipe photo with our handy point-n-shoot in the regular kitchen lighting, I let her know if we are going to do this, we better do it right. Thus, my attempts at taking some book-worthy photos was born.

Currently the recipes are being posted to our family blog, but I thought I’d share a few of the photos on Flickr as I go. You can see the collection so far on SmugMug here as well.

This one is a bit early for the challenge, but since the rules are a bit flexible I figured I’d get started early. Call it a pre-submission if you will. I will be blogging a bit about this as well while I participate in the February challenge a bit.


2010 Challenge Theme: WEEK 4 SUBMISSION
Weeks 1-4 (January 1 – January 23): RESOLUTION

Along with most every resolution I can think of, we all try to get more out of each day. I know I often try to get up earlier, whether for an early morning workout or to squeeze in some extra time for work or hobbies.

No matter how strong my will seems to be, the flesh is often weak. Before the brain fully engages, the hand often has a mind of its own, naturally finding its way to the snooze button.

New challenge theme starts tomorrow. I’m excited to see what it is so I can start thinking of what to shoot next!

Photo Challenge 2010 Week 2

So I’m a little late to getting started, but I decided to get back into sync with the www.photochallenge.org themes this year. They have taken on a much more approachable format this year, with a weekly photo on a every 4 week new theme. You can read more about it here.

I like the way participating in challenges gives me motivation and inspiration to just get out and try to do something creative with my camera.

This first theme is "resolution" which of course for me includes the need to lose some of this blubber I’ve put on in the last year.

On my first attempt at the theme, my wife was of course my gracious subject. We did this composite image of her floating over the scale, as if weightless. She provided the title of "Wishful Thinking."

Portrait Fun

One of my goals this year is to do more photos just for the sake of experimentation and getting better. Of course to do that I need to get out more to take scenery, find interesting objects, and beg friends to be willing victims.

A little before Christmas I brought my camera gear into work to shoot some “stock-ish” photos I needed for an advertising site I was working on. When I was done I though it would be fun to reprise a shoot I did in years past with the customer service folks. We have almost all new people, and they were up for it.

I started the shoot by getting some pretty normal head shots, then I ask them to show me some personality. What ensues is usually a bit of confusion, but eventually rolls into some fun looks. Keifer here gave some great attitude in this one that I had fun adding a little atmosphere to in Lightroom.

Site note: You may have noticed these last two posts are in a much bigger format. This is in anticipation of some big changes coming soon. I have set myself a goal to actually get a new blog format up in the 1Q of this year. Watch for more details I will likely be asking you to update your RSS subscription to the new location. Hope you are still with me after the move!

Dead of Winter

Taken in the mountains of Utah on a bitter cold winter morning. There is a stark beauty to be found in all of nature, in every season.