Portrait Fun

One of my goals this year is to do more photos just for the sake of experimentation and getting better. Of course to do that I need to get out more to take scenery, find interesting objects, and beg friends to be willing victims.

A little before Christmas I brought my camera gear into work to shoot some “stock-ish” photos I needed for an advertising site I was working on. When I was done I though it would be fun to reprise a shoot I did in years past with the customer service folks. We have almost all new people, and they were up for it.

I started the shoot by getting some pretty normal head shots, then I ask them to show me some personality. What ensues is usually a bit of confusion, but eventually rolls into some fun looks. Keifer here gave some great attitude in this one that I had fun adding a little atmosphere to in Lightroom.

Site note: You may have noticed these last two posts are in a much bigger format. This is in anticipation of some big changes coming soon. I have set myself a goal to actually get a new blog format up in the 1Q of this year. Watch for more details I will likely be asking you to update your RSS subscription to the new location. Hope you are still with me after the move!