February 2010

Gas Explosion, The Morning Aftermath

Last night my friend Pete Stott threw out on Twitter wondering if some of us local to Pleasant Grove had heard & felt the huge booming explosion. Being a little further away from where it took place I hadn’t, and unfortunately I was not in a position to run over and check it out. Pete ran over and provided us some great on-the-scene coverage.

As this scene is on my short drive to work, I brought my camera along in the hopes of capturing a some scenes of the investigative and clean up the next morning. My timing was good and I was able to capture a few scenes were they were allowing access.

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Valentine’s Day Waffles

February 2010 Challenge Theme: I ATE THIS
Day 14 – Valentine’s Day Waffles

For as long as we have been married, my wife has made waffles topped with strawberries and whipped cream for Valentine’s Day. Our kids often want waffles anyway, but on Valentine’s these toppings are sure to be included. Truly wonderfully yummy way to start a special day!

On the Lake

2010 Challenge Theme: WEEK 7 SUBMISSION
Weeks 5-8 (January 24 – February 20): Natural Landscape

Last week’s entry never came to fruition, but this week I made a couple of attempts to get out and capture the sunset after work. It’s finally getting to be long enough days that sunset happens after work 🙂

I headed down to the lake again since it is 10 minutes from work. Rather than stick on the shoreline I decided to venture out and test the ice. Locals know that Utah Lake isn’t all that deep, so I was happy to find it frozen solid.

Out about 100 yards was a perfect spot to try and capture something untouched by man. Getting out like this reminds me how great it is to spend a few minutes offloading the day, freeing the mind and trying to make a good image.

What I’ve Eaten

So far this month my good intentions of daily food photos for the Photo Challenge have fallen a bit short. It’s tough to break out of the daily routine and think about trying to take a quality photo of the food you’ve eaten. What is even more difficult is trying to think of a different way to capture images each time. That said, I’ve taken a few photos so far I thought I would share.

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