Gas Explosion, The Morning Aftermath

Last night my friend Pete Stott threw out on Twitter wondering if some of us local to Pleasant Grove had heard & felt the huge booming explosion. Being a little further away from where it took place I hadn’t, and unfortunately I was not in a position to run over and check it out. Pete ran over and provided us some great on-the-scene coverage.

As this scene is on my short drive to work, I brought my camera along in the hopes of capturing a some scenes of the investigative and clean up the next morning. My timing was good and I was able to capture a few scenes were they were allowing access.

What was particularly intriguing was noticing the directional force of the blast. If you look at the photo above of the cinder block building directly behind, there is an effective crater into the wall. Windows were shattered in the business across the street, yet directly to the side and behind this scene is a building in which all the windows were intact. They were fortunate to have been shielded by the position of the blast.

I overheard a couple of the investigative personnel talking together, discussing the scene as they were starting their assessment. One of them said, “Well, I guess it couldn’t have happened any better for us.” He was referring to the fact that everything structural was leveled, so clean up is not as dangerous affair as it could be.

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