What I’ve Eaten

So far this month my good intentions of daily food photos for the Photo Challenge have fallen a bit short. It’s tough to break out of the daily routine and think about trying to take a quality photo of the food you’ve eaten. What is even more difficult is trying to think of a different way to capture images each time. That said, I’ve taken a few photos so far I thought I would share.

Tonight we had a family favorite we call “Cafe Rio Salad” after the local Fresh Mex restaurant in our area (pictured above). More generally it might be called Fresh Mex or Mexican Pork salad. I’m still feeling stuffed after having overeaten a heaping plate of this, but just thinking about it makes me want more!

Dessert tonight was some delicious home made brownies:

Can you see why I have a tough time keeping the weight down?

Last week we had another favorite that I also photographed for Heather’s recipe collection, Candy Chicken.

This wonderful entre was topped off with a dessert we call Pink Fluff:

As I mentioned, overall I am happy with the basic lighting I am using to capture these photos, but I feel like the style is making them start to blend together. I’d like to get some varying flatware & backgrounds to present the food on, plus try to think of some different presentation ideas. Any suggestions would be welcome!

See the photos from my current PhotoChallenge efforts over on Flickr.