More Therapy with Pelicans

After enjoying my little outing during lunch on Friday, I decided to again take advantage of our current weather and take my lunch break down by the lake.

This time I was able to find a few pelicans were I could approach & enjoy them for a bit before they moved along. Though I got several shots with them perched, I liked this first shot as this bird started to take off. I would have liked it better if he was flying across or toward me, but I liked seeing the detail in his wing as well. I also would have framed this photo (probably) landscape mode, but I had just been taking some portrait orientation shots with his reflection when he started to take off. I figured it was better to get the shot of him flying as I had the camera set up rather than try and switch and possibly miss the shot.

Another photo from the lunch outing. This was taken from the road as I wanted to get a “safe” shot before I tried to move in a little closer.

Here he is checking me out as I creep in a little closer. The longest lens I have is 500mm on the long end, so on my full frame camera that is really not as long as you might think. If I were serious about taking wildlife photos – which I’m really not – I’d have a longer lens or at least a teleconverter and tripod with me. These shots are all handheld with me seated on the ground for maximum stability.