On the Road…Again

Driving through Arizona this last week, I remembered I wanted to get a photo for the “down low” photo challenge. We had an early start to the day driving home, so at this early point in the day there really was almost no traffic coming through on Hwy 89 where we were at for a brief stop.

We had actually stopped because there was a beautiful scenic outlook over an immense, beautiful valley off to the left of this scene. This was one of those moments where I took my photos, was ready to go and then remembered the advice to “turn around” and see what photo I might be missing. I told the kids to not do what Dad was doing and ventured out onto the highway for a unique vantage point.

This area was in shadow so I hadn’t event considered photos in this direction. I took the same photo and adjusted it once for the sky and once for the foreground, then combined them as layers in Photoshop.

For those pixel peepers that may notice the “glow” above the rocks into the sky, that was not a result of processing, rather a combination of my polarizing filter and natural bright light reflecting off the rocks.