May 2010

Objectively Creative

Last night I had the opportunity to join the Provo Creative Meetup Group on an outing near my home. It seems I usually miss their events as they conflict with other commitments on my schedule, so I was happy when things opened up so I could attend.

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Camping at the Dunes

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go camping with my son and the 11 year old Boy Scouts. We had a great time visiting the “Little Sahara” sand dunes about an hour and a half southwest from us.

Not being a native of Utah, I have never explored this area and really enjoyed the outing.

This first photo was taken as various recreational vehicles were heading back into the campsite area from a day of enjoying the sand. I was amazed at the variety of recreational vehicles at this place, and I’m told it was a light weekend in terms of people there.

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Peanut Gallery

Taken at my daughter’s school choir concert last night.