June 2010

Obey Your Mama

This little one had just barely joined this world, having hatched barely before my being there. Huddled down in the rocks, I would have completely missed seeing this nest due to the perfect camoflague with the colors of the rocks. This little guy was obeying his insticts as well as mama telling him to hunker down and hold still. I was there shooting some portraits in the yard and the family had been keeping track of the nest and noticed one had hatched.

I snuck in a couple of photos but quickly left when the mama killdeer started complaining from a distance.

Long Exposure Fun at the Carnival

The city I live in, Pleasant Grove, Utah, has an annual week long celebration called Strawberry Days. It is a good old fashioned, small town agrarian festival full of family activities from baby contests to a PRCA rodeo. Downtown is transformed to a carnival that the kids enjoy hitting each year, full of booths, heart stopping food and of course the requisite rides.

I was able to steal away for an hour one night with camera and tripod to try and capture some long exposures. The rides are crammed into one city block street, but with some creative angles I was able to capture a few shots I was happy with.

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Nicole & Brodie – Sneak Peak

This last weekend I had a great time in sunny Phoenix, Arizona with the responsibility of photographing a wonderful wedding. I have a ton of photos to work through, pick the best and do the processing to make them look as good as possible. I figured I’d share a couple of photos for a “sneak peak” of what I was able to capture.

Thank you for entrusting me to document your special day.

EDIT: Forgot to point out how happy I was with the low light performance combo of my 50mm 1.4, 5D Mark ii and Lightroom 3. The top image was taken in very low light conditions without any flash. Shot at 5000 ISO, f/2.8 and with some noise reduction the image turned out very usable despite the conditions!


On Monday I went out quad riding in the West Desert with some friends. Part way through our ride we all got out for a break, and the kids quickly discovered there were lizards running around, prime for the chasing!

This guy was the unfortunate soul to end up being caught. He was brought back to camp & made temporary mascot for awhile.