Long Exposure Fun at the Carnival

The city I live in, Pleasant Grove, Utah, has an annual week long celebration called Strawberry Days. It is a good old fashioned, small town agrarian festival full of family activities from baby contests to a PRCA rodeo. Downtown is transformed to a carnival that the kids enjoy hitting each year, full of booths, heart stopping food and of course the requisite rides.

I was able to steal away for an hour one night with camera and tripod to try and capture some long exposures. The rides are crammed into one city block street, but with some creative angles I was able to capture a few shots I was happy with.

Light trails are easy, just a matter of toying with the long exposure to match the setting. A tripod is a must, so with the crowds you have to find a suitable position and watch the legs from getting kicked by the crowd, but I found most people to be very kind about watching out and actually interested in what I was doing.

Here are a few other shots that I hope you enjoy.

With this next shot I didn’t find the ride to be all that interesting in motion, only forming basic lines. Instead capturing the ride while stationary had some cool stars from the aperture blades of at f/22.