July 2010

A Labs Gotta Do What A Labs Gotta Do

There’s no restraining my lab when he gets near water. He has to get in there.

Portrait Practice Fun

Last night I had a few neighbors come out to a nearby field for some portrait practice & instruction on camera usage. It started as mom wanting just a few photos of her camera avoiding son, but I figured I would invite a few others to come along for practice and instruction as we played taking some fun photos. It’s always fun to get together to learn & make photos, plus in this environment I don’t mind if the end results aren’t perfect as we are just practicing and no one is expecting paid results.

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Rapoza Family

This last weekend I had the opportunity to make portraits of the wonderful Rapoza kids. Lately I have been doing many photo sessions in the American Fork Canyon with the beautiful trees & mountain scenes. We used a couple of locations and took a number of shots with all the kids and of course singles of each one. With seven kids that equals quite a number of photos! Here are a few previews of the session.

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